Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights dingy, yellowing or dull? We have the cure to keep you safe!
Improve night visability up to 100% save $100’s over replacements we offer a permanent, cost-effective solution!
Starting at $49.95

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Packages and Services
From Detail USA

Express Package

Starting at $39.95
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Deluxe Package

Starting at $79.95
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Superior Package

Starting at $129.95
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Interior Package

Starting at $79.95
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RV Detailing

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Boat Detailing

from $12.00 per foot
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Headlight Restoration

Starting at $49.95
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Profit Potential

The following chart indicates the earnings that you could make with your own moblie detialing company. Our suggested price nationwide, for our exterior wax service is $49.95 per car and our carpet and upholstery shampooing is $39.95 - $49.95. However, what you choose to charge is entirely up to you.

Gross Income For The Period Of: 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month 1 Year
Detail 1 car per day. $99.90 $499.50 $1998.00 $24.000.00
Detail 2 cars per day $199.80 $999.00 $3996.00 $48,000.00
Detail 6 cars per day $299.70 $1498.00 $5994.00 $72,000.00

We will teach you how to obtain commercial, fleet, and retail accounts. You will begin to build a customer base. A majority will be repeat business and also send you referral customers.

If you only worked the weekends and detailed four cars you would earn an extra $2000 per month. Remember that the average cost for supplies per car is about $3.50. Your other variable expenses including advertising, transportation, office expense, etc, would only amount to about $10 per vehicle.

Even College and High School students can make a great summer income and have an excellent experience running their own business. You can operate only the three summer months and only detail two cars a day and make over $10,000.00. That beats flipping burgers.

Below is a chart on what you can make this summer. The average price of a mobile detail which includes an exterior machine polishing service and interior detailing service is $125.

This is What You Can Make This Summer: 1 Day 1 Week 1 Month 1 Year
Detail 2 cars per day. $250 $1,250 $5,000 $15.000
Detail 3 cars per day $375 $1,875 $7,500 $22,000
Detail 4 cars per day $500 $2,500 $10,000 $30,000

Want to be your own boss?

Franchise Opportunity

-15k (investiment)
-Set up Equipment
-Set up Chemicals
-1 year advance
-Support 6 days a week
-Leads from big contracts
-Small monthly franchise/support fees

ONLY $100 a month

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